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Der musiklehrer: Ariadne auf Naxos Der musiklehrer: Ariadne auf Naxos

"Hannes Öbergs warm Baritone urges the story against its unavoidable ending and his voice is the one that stays the longest in my memory."
Corren "Les Grandes Nuits" 15-07-09


"Hannes Öberg that got the whole theatre to vibrate with his powerful baritone."
Skånska dagbladet "Les Grandes Nuits" 9/7 2015


The  repentant father has a great aria that certainly cannot
be done with greater vocal and dramatic power.

Tidskriften Opera "Kär och galen" no.4 2016


 "Hannes Öberg as the Count in Nina was a vocally sterling achievement"
Skånska dagbladet "Comala - en pärla ur operagömmorna" 23/7 2016


                                                       "My spotlight stuck on Hannes Öberg, Ninas father the Count,
                                a powerfull blackened baritone and a stage personality that can balance contrition with romantic irony."
Expressen "till och med döden är tråkig i Vadstena" 26/7 2016

                                                              "His prayer in second act gets carried by unresistable melodic inspiration,
                                                                                                           and  Hannes Öberg awakens with his luminating high baritone sympathy and hope for the future."
Opus "Beundransvärt trots otydlighet" 09/10 2017